The Diamond Price List: The Wholesale Diamond Prices

Diamond Prices and Trends Over the Years

Wholesale diamonds come from a direct source and can be sold directly to buyers. They don’t pass on the middlemen that’s why they are cheaper. Overhead costs are also waived that’s why they can sell diamonds at a more affordable price. The cost of wholesale diamonds is based on The Diamond Price List: The Wholesale Diamond Prices. Wholesale diamonds have pricing standards that they follow which are based on the Diamond Rapaport report. 

How To Calculate The Diamond Price Per Carats

Calculating the price per carat is easy, for instance, the price of the diamond is at $5,000 per carat and you want to get the price of a 0.5- carat diamond. Then simply multiply 0.5 to $5,000 which is equal to $2,500 then that is the price of the 0.5-carat diamond. 

The 4 c’s Effect On Diamond Prices

The 4 c’s are important in determining the quality as well as the worth of the diamond. 


Diamonds are priced per carat weight. However, carats come with the color and clarity of a diamond. For instance, a high-quality 1-carat diamond can be more expensive than a 2-carats diamond with a lower grade. Opting for carats that are lower than the whole number can save you some bucks. For instance, instead of a perfect 1-carat diamond, a 0.96-carat weight diamond can be good enough to replace a 1-carat diamond but can be bought at a more affordable price. 


Colorless diamonds are the most expensive. Did you know that not all diamonds are colorless? Yes, you heard that right diamonds are graded according to their colors, each grade is classified based on the color it possesses. The more colorful the diamond the cheaper. For instance, colorless diamonds can be the best choice but pricey so people prefer nearly colorless ones which is the closest shade to colorless ones. They can look the same as the colorless ones. 


Flawless diamonds are the ones without any inclusion even under magnification. These are the most expensive under the clarity category of diamonds. The more inclusions the cheaper the diamonds. Grades with no visible inclusions can be a good alternative to flawless ones. You can still get a clear appearance in a diamond despite inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. 


Diamonds that are perfectly cut are expensive but worth it. The shape of the diamond also adds up to the pricing of the diamond. Popular cuts can be less costly while rare ones are expensive or vice versa. Sometimes common diamonds can be expensive too such as round diamonds they are one of the most expensive shapes even if they are common. 

Other Factors That Affect Diamond Pricing

Apart from the 4c’s, more factors can affect a diamond’s price. Fluorescence of the diamonds is one factor that is considered, this is black lighting observed in a diamond. This can lower the quality of the diamond since it can make it appear murky and blurry and affects the brilliance of the diamond. When purchasing a diamond make sure it doesn’t have this effect. You can check it under different lighting to know if the diamond sparkle has no issue. 

How You Can Check The Diamond Price With Diamond Registry?

You can do it online by filling out a form where you should put the details of the diamond you want. Such as the carat weight, color, clarity grades, and cut. 

  1. After Submission your details will be sent to diamond experts and merchants who will evaluate your diamond. They will then send available diamonds as well as show certificates. 
  2. Certification will then be sent to you and you can choose among the diamonds available.
  3. Then you can now visit their physical store to check the diamond in person. 

Studying The Diamond Price List: The Wholesale Diamond Prices can help you find a diamond with a high-quality and more affordable one. Diamonds are expensive if you can get them at a wholesale price then it will be a wise step. Take time in choosing your diamond so you can get the value of your money by taking advantage of checking all the possible stones you are offered with.