A whirlwind tour of the new martech map, major martech trends for 2023, and how to manage it all in the year ahead

Martech for 2023 Presentation

Yesterday, my brother-in-martech Frans Riemersma and I gave a tour de force presentation of the current martech landscape as it stands at the end of 2022 (now officially over 10,000 solutions!), five major trends that we expect will shape martech and marketing in 2023, and a framework for managing it all in what is sure to be a highly “fluid” year ahead.

You can watch the complete 60-minute session on YouTube and also download the full 117-slide deck here.

As I shared yesterday, the first part of our presentation showed the new martechmap.com site — an interactive version of the martech landscape — that now lets you search and filter using data from Clearbit (approximate revenue, company size, and date founded) and G2 (average rating and number of reviews). We also used this enriched data in aggregate to analyze several fascinating patterns across the martech industry, such as the differences between average age, average rating, average size, and average adoption rate of the 49 martech categories.

I think you’ll find the results of that analysis as interesting as we did. They also give some direction to where future entrepreneurial ventures in the space are likely to arise.

In the second part, we did a deeper dive into five major trends that we believe will be front-and-center for most martech teams in 2023:

  • Generative AI & Personalization
  • Activating Cloud Data Warehouses
  • Ecosystems & Communities
  • No-Code In-House Creators
  • Web3 & Metaverse (although we think this will be an anti-trend in 2023)

And finally, in the third part, we presented a framework for dealing with this challenging martech environment by (1) managing the hype curve, which appears in multiple forms — almost fractal-like — in both the industry and your internal stack and organizational capabilities and (2) managing the journey of “productizing” marketing, from experimental projects to standardized processes to automated products.

But rather than read about it, we think you’ll find it more fun to hear and see it directly from our recorded event:

We want to thank again our sponsors SAS, Uptempo, Calendly, Goldcast, G2, and Clearbit. Their support has funded and enabled our research and made it possible for us to share the results with the martech community at no cost to you.

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